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With the cost of void fill and air pillow packing increasing and the desire for companies to use environmentally friendly packaging we are pleased to provide the highly economical Opus Mini Green Machine Air Pillow Biodegradable air cushion system from Green Light Products LTD. The Opus Mini Green Machine is a variable speed air cushion system that matches the machine throughput to the needs of the packaging line. The Green Machine is compact, (yet can fill up to 16” wide pillows) light weight and robust for the most demanding applications. The Opus Mini Green Machine uses Opus Bio™ biodegradable film. Whether you are a small or large user the Opus Mini Green Machine is mechanically simple design and exceptional reliability provides stress free packing. Its simplicity allows anyone to use it immediately.


Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions: 14” x 12” x 11”

Machine maximum width: 11.8”

Machine maximum height: 10.8”

Machine weight: 18.7 lbs

Speed: Variable, 82 bags per minute( 8” x 8” bag size)

Programmable Bag count

Power Supply (USA): 110V, 60Hz

Film material: Low density or High density polyethylene tubing. Biodegradable

Length of roll: up to 1650’ (500m)

Roll width: 8” (200mm) or 16” (400mm)



The Opus Bio™ film uses special additives that enable the film to biodegrade completely; as measured by ASTM D6954-04, in 18 – 36 months, leaving no toxic or heavy metal residue.

Opus Bio™ protective inflatable packaging air pillows and air cushions can also be reused and recycled reducing plastic pollution and promoting the use of sustainable raw materials.

Opus Bio™ air pillows offer dust free clean protective packaging and reduce storage space over traditional void fill, as air pillows and air cushions are produced on demand.

Opus Bio™ Biodegradable film is available in various sizes allowing you to create the right air cushion air pillow for your needs.

Popular sizes include; 4” x 8”, 8” x 8”, 10” x 8”, 16” x 2”, 16” x 5”