Elmark Packaging, Inc

Case Taping Systems

EZ-TEK BB-2 CASE TAPER - The BB-2 industrial case taper is a cost effective top and bottom case taper designed for large run case sealing. BB-2 utilizes pressure-sensitive tape and self-centering side rails, a rugged bottom belt drive, and heavy-duty mast that easily adjusts to handle a variety of case sizes. BB-2 is capable of sealing boxes from 4.5" to infinite box length, 4" to 22.5" in width, and 3.5" to 25.5" in box height. The BB-2 can also be partnered with Squid Ink's large character ink jet printing systems or for a hi-resolution print, the PZ Pilot, PZ Pilot Plus, or PZ Pilot Pro.

EZ-TEK SB-2 CASE TAPER - The SB-2 side belt driven top and bottom case taper's unique and simple design has proven to be one of the most reliable on the market today, keeping production moving and maintenance to a minimum. The SB-2 is great for light or heavy, narrow and small boxes. The system is ideal for void fill cases that wont run effectively through a bottom belt machine. The SB-2 can be adjusted to fit with your existing industrial packaging line to improve the flow on the factory floor. Best of all, operation can be learned in minutes saving your company money and increasing your ROI.

EZ-TEK BB-2/R RANDOM - The BB-2/R case taper is designed for taping the top and bottom of random sized cases. BB-2/R utilizes pressure-sensitive tape and features self-centering side rails, rugged bottom belt drive, and heavy-duty mast that adjusts to a variety of random case sizes. BB-2/R will automatically adjust to random sized boxes that are fed by an operator, or inline with a current production line.

SB-2/R RANDOM - The SB-2/R case taper is a side belt driven machine designed to seal the top and bottom of random size boxes. SB-2/R offers fast and easy box size changes with self-adjusting side belts to drive boxes through. The SB-2/R is able to seal boxes ranging from 4" to 21" wide, 2" to 25" deep, and 4.5" to infinite length. SB-2/R is simple to use and operation can be learned in minutes, avoiding breaks in production and minimizing down time.

EZ-TEK VCTS - The Vertical Case Transport System is designed for off-line case printing on one or two sides of the case in a single pass. The VCTS eliminates the need for pre-printed cases or expensive labeling equipment and supplies by allowing users to print directly on two sides of a case with a single pass. Adjustable width settings and print head locations allow users to print on cases ranging in size from 12" x 12" up to 40" x 40".